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Urgent Action Needed to Ensure Indigenous Women Are Not Sterilized Without Their Consent

(December 10, 2018) Across Canada and as recently as 2017, Indigenous women report being forcibly or coercively sterilized. Some women were incorrectly told the procedure is reversible. Others were separated from their babies until they consented to a tubal ligation. Forced and coerced sterilizations of Indigenous women are a result of systemic violence and discrimination […]

CUPE Ontario issued the following statement in regard to the action taking place today at the Gateway Postal Facility in Mississauga:

Two hundred and sixty thousand CUPE members, represented in the province by CUPE Ontario, are proud to support Canada’s postal workers as they fight the breach of their right to collective bargaining, violated by the passing of return-to-work legislation passed by the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau. This past week, instead of encouraging the management […]